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Go Live SAP ERP PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia

Jakarta, January 16, 2016 – DSP Director TELKOM Indra Utoyo together with the President Director of BKI Rudiyanto conducted Go Live IT Application & Managed Service ERP-SAP for BKI at BKI Head Office 6th floor, Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 38-40, North Jakarta. This Go Live event is a launching of ERP-SAP application in BKI which is ready to be operated.

BKI is working with Telkom supported by Metrasys in ERP-SAP implementation. The development progress of ERP-SAP Application has passed the phase of project preparation, business blueprint, realization, and final preparation.

In his speech, Indra Utoyo expressed his gratitude to BKI for entrusting Telkom as a partner in implementing ERP-SAP application and conveying that with high synergy and commitment, we can realize the mutual hope of implementing Go Live ERP-SAP application that has been prepared for 9 this month. Furthermore, Indra Utoyo also conveyed that his hope that the 5 modules in this ERP-SAP application can help BKI in integrating its business processes in the hope of improving effectiveness and more efficient.

Meanwhile, Rudiyanto as the President Director of BKI in his speech said that Go Live ERP-SAP application business continues transforming BKI business process from manual to an application system. Rudiyanto also explained that the goal of ERP-SAP application implementation is not only for improvement in BKI, but also to improve the service quality of BKI to all its stakeholders. Rudiyanto also thanked Telkom, hoping BKI and Telkom can continue to work together for future projects.

Go Live ERP SAP is marked by ERP-SAP Implant Video Processing playback in BKI up to Go Live, pin embedding, and Demo report using SAP for the first time in BKI. Also attending the event were the Director of Finance and Administration of BKI Timbul Tambunan and Director of Classification of BKI Iman Satria Utama. From the Telkom side, the event was attended by EVP Enterprise Service Division Siti Choiriana, TelkomSigma Judi Achmadi, President Director of Metrasys Refinaldi and GM Maritime & Logistics Telkom Iman Pramudito Hanggoro Edhi


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