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IBM Business Solutions

By mid 2011 Metrasys acquired the business partnership to IBM. Business partnership with IBM is executed to complete the system that cannot be conducted with SAP only. Documenting all documents into one system that would eliminate all back and forth complicated procedures into single easy computerized workflow. Hence, the digitalization of all documents is not limited to contracts and such only but also technical designs to video documents.

Metrasys will provide you with necessary packages to meet your business demand that starts as early as the indexing phase. We will make sure the deliverance of superior quality consulting and staffing solutions to our client partners, which will enable them to compete in the competitive and dynamic business environment today.

From assessment, design, and planning through implementation, and on-going application management support, we will help your business to maximize its efficiency and minimize potential risks even if you are doing the most ambitious business deployments. Wide range of software services will assists your growing business during the entire product development lifecycle and beyond.

The implementation of EBS will introduce smarter work systems that will guard your business while achieving economic growth and sustainable development. This is how smarter future leaders will carry out the future of business.

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